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#VenqueStories: A Love for Photography, Nature, and Adventures

Every month we bring you stories of the modern traveler who use our backpacks, briefcase, and camera bags not only for city-travel but also for exploring the world. For our February 2017 feature, we caught up with Liam McLeod about how he uses the VENQUE CamPro backpack. 


Name: Liam McLeod 
Details: Photographer and Explorer (@liammcleodphoto)

The Details
I was born, raised, and currently reside in beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia in Canada. I'm a photographer and explorer. Whenever I'm not studying, I immerse myself in nature trying to get the next perfect shot or exploring my province. I love sharing my experiences and one-of-a-kind photos on my Instagram ( @liammcleodphoto).
What VENQUE products have you purchased from us and how does the backpack work for you?
I'm currently using the CamPro in Grey. The CamPro is an absolutely all around amazing bag. I was astonished by the quality and craftsmanship that went into the bag. The functionality of the bag fits my needs perfectly as all my gear is organized and safe. The modifiable inserts optimize the space needed for every outing. Also, the quanta fabric is also ideal here in Vancouver as it keeps all my gear safe from the rain and snow (as you can see in these pictures).
What's your go-to-style for day, evening, or weekend? 
Day: Y-3 sneakers, tapered black drop pants, an extended tee-shirt and a hoodie. 
Evening: leather shoes, light-wash denim and a sweater or long-sleeve.
Weekend: Chelsea boots, distressed black Saint Laurent denim and a hoodie underneath a camel overcoat. 
Where have you traveled with our VENQUE bag? What did you do there? What did you explore? Any travel suggestions for our audience when they are in that country/city?
Taking the CamPro over all of British Columbia has worked perfectly for me. Going hiking or into the woods for landscape photography it is the perfect size for those trips. While in the city taking portrait shots it still remains extremely fashionable and modern with its design. Visiting Vancouver and British Columbia is great since the great mountains, ocean and forests are right at your fingertips from the city, making it the perfect location for any explorer.
Any other fun adventurers or travels you’ve had with the product?

Visiting upper Joffre Lake with the CamPro made my landscapes so much easier to work with. Knowing exactly where all my gear was optimized my time and allowed me to capture those perfect shots just as the sun was setting. Time management is key as a photographer as you have to be quick to get the shots just at the right moment, and having immediate access to your gear is a must.


To see more pictures of Liam sporting the CamPro, follow him @liammcleodphoto.

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