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Andy is a Los Angeles, USA-based photographer specializing in travel and landscape photography. He has traveled to many locations with our backpacks (Transit Travel Pro, Metro Classic, Campus Classic, and Alpine Rucksack).



Daniel is a digital creator from Switzerland. He blogs about fashion & lifestyle on his website as well as stylish photos on his Socail Media (Instagram and Tiktok). He has been posting so many stunning fashion photos with our backpacks.



Sam is a men's fashion influencer from London, the UK. His main focus is on cut, quality, and fabrication. His feed is filled with a mix of classy, casual, and minimalist looks.



Yugura is a Japanese photographer based in the Tokyo area that specializes in city and street photography. All his photos are vivid, sharp, and colorful. He has been taking pictures of our backpack as well as streetwear. Last time, he traveled to Lake Suwa, Nagano, Japan with our latest "Ranger Tech Pack" for photo shooting.


Kyle Garay

Kyle is based in Portland Oregon. His photographs are impressive often in their simplicity alone, and his work is often minimalist with softer, more muted colors, yet the style still inspires a sense of wonder in the scenes his explores.
In February 2022, he tried our product "Transit Travel Pro" to carry his gears for photo shooting. Besides, he shared stunning photos and feedback with us.


Joseph Mikos

Joseph is a photographer and videographer who shoots all over the country and abroad, with a focus on weddings and music festivals/tours. He visited his hometown with "Transit Travel Pro" in April 2022, and the bag holds all his essential gear comfortably.


Bruno Rivera

Bruno is Florida the USA based a photographer and videographer specializing in urban photography that tells a story with expression, color, and light. He uses "Transit Travel Pro" that fits all his photography gear when he is out exploring.


Jonathan Gazze

Jonathan Gazze is a Toronto-based photographer specializing in visually stimulating photography from landscape to aerial to wildlife. He travels around Canada looking for the best spots and interesting photos with his Ranger bag and trusty camera. Our latest pictures come from one of Toronto's most photogenic locations on a wintery day at Humber Bay Shores. Some other of his recent adventures took him to Alberta and Iceland... ready with his gear and bag at his side.
He traveled to Toronto Island with our "Ranger Tech Pack" last time. The backpack is the great one for a day trip.



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