The Brand – VENQUE
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The Brand

The Story

VENQUE was founded by Canadian-based brothers Viktor and Simon. Veterans of the fashion industry, Viktor and Simon decided to pursue their passion project in early 2011 after years of working in top fashion design houses. Their goal was to craft the perfect backpack designed for urban trendsetters and commuters. Fast forward 3 years. With increasing demand, their single-item prototype quickly turned into a full collection of luxury travel, tech, and work accessories. Inspired by a combination of both the English and French - the two official languages of Canada - VENQUE represents the bridge between a minimalistic and functional approach to design that is equally informed by the natural resources and landscape of Canada, as it is by the modern work and travel life of Canadians. These contrasting elements form the core of the VENQUE brand, shaped by tradition and technology but always committed to artisanship, quality, detail and durability.






Since it's founding, VENQUE has set out to manufacture the highest-quality handcrafted leather goods available. While there are endless varieties of leather available, only a handful pass the rigorous selection process required to bear the VENQUE medallion. By partnering with the very best fabric and bag manufacturers, we make sure that our products deliver an unparalleled user experience of lifetime use.


The Material

We are also proud to bring to market our innovative Quanta Fabric, exclusively invented and designed for VENQUE products. The idea behind this was to create a fabric material that would last through the toughest of conditions. The Quanta Fabric delivers on both durability and performance and is water and dust repellent, anti-scratch, high-density, and stain resistant.  



Our Commitment  

Our entire line is handmade by real people - artisans who have spent their professional lives learning the art of making beautiful and functional leather products. Our commitment is that each item bearing the VENQUE name has been made with the utmost attention to detail and respect for our craft, and straight from our storefront in Toronto, Canada.


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