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Here's My Honest Review of the Diamond & Strada Mini

Spring is just around the corner, and with it comes many adjustments to closets around the world.

Heavy coats are tucked away, sundresses make their grand reentrance, and of course, the weather itself changes overnight. While the snow can melt, and the flowers can bloom, one thing is never going out of style, and that is the leather backpack.

I chose to get a head start on my planning and ordered the two newest backpacks from VENQUE, both of which are part of their Spring 2017 Women’s Collection. They introduced two new bags this month, and let me tell you, they are the definition of a constant classic.
Leather backpacks have been back on the rise for a while now, as they are the perfect combination of both style and function. They have become a common favorite among fashionistas and professionals alike, because no matter the season or occasion, these bags will always be a perfect fit. Leather backpacks are the perfect choice for someone who needs a bag that serves its purpose and looks good while doing it. So for me, ordering both the Diamond Mini and the Strada Mini was a no-brainer.

When I received the package in the mail, I was very excited to see them in person. I had planned to look at both bags and decide between the two which one to keep and which one to return, but after opening, I realized I had to splurge and keep both. The bags were just so different, that I couldn't choose just one. 
The Diamond Mini is a bold, stylish looking bag, while the Strada Mini is a more minimal, simplistic look. Both serve their function no matter the event, and would be ideal for any setting; from a casual day at work to a day full of traveling, sightseeing, and any other on-the-go adventures the wanderlust may encounter.

With regard to design, both bags have a crisscross pattern on the black leather flap that adds some flare to the otherwise minimal all-around sleek gray leather. The double zippers on the Diamond Mini create a slimming shape, adding a diagonal and geometric element that the Strada does not have. This is what makes it a little bit more of a statement, but nonetheless both bags are effortlessly chic. 
While the Diamond and the Strada may differ a little bit on looks, when it comes to the function aspect of “fashion versus function," these bags are absolutely identical. Both have the room to hold everything I need, with a main compartment and multiple separate zipper pockets on both the front and back of the bag. I can fit my iPad in the sleeve in the main compartment, which is perfect for business on the go. Both also have comfortable, durable straps, with a leather handle, and of course, the beautiful VENQUE logo patch. The only operational difference between the two is that the Diamond main compartment opens with a drawstring, and has a leather flap on top, while the Strada Mini is a classic leather zipper pull. 

Both bags are also 100% water resistant, which is great for tropical destinations or getting caught in bad weather.
I am so glad that I decided to order both bags, as now I have multiple fashion choices at my fingertips. Whether I want to go for bold and eye-catching, or I opt for a minimal and elegant look, I have the perfect functional bag to do so.
As always, VENQUE made these backpacks with the intention to be used almost anywhere. Whether it’s your carry-on bag for a weekend getaway, your go-to look on the metro in Europe, or even a stylish choice for a day at school in a university setting... these bags will look great no matter where you go, and will make a statement whichever one you choose to rock.
About the author - Jordan Miller is a fashion and lifestyle blogger. Catch her on @jordannnleee and Cappuccinos and Cashmere


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