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Chronicling The Stories and Travels of the VENQUE Bag

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The Stories

Name: Alex Savage

32 Male, Fashion Model, Toronto, Canada

On Your First VENQUE Experience

Actually, it was a strange experience. I met my college friend over drinks and he was running late, straight from the office (it was a weekday). I noticed he was featuring a new stylish bag (note: he was a total nerd in college so it definitely took me by surprise). I asked about his "upgraded" style and he told me about the VENQUE collection. I googled it and the rest is history. 

How Does The Arctic Fold Work For You

 So because I am a fashion model I travel a lot for campaigns and test shoots, maybe every other weekend. And while traveling around the world may seem like a dream for some, the truth is I also spend a lot of time in airports and hotels. The Arctic Fold is great because it can hold everything. Not only can I fit in the essentials but also my tech accessories and chargers. It's one of the best travel bags I've used and also love that it's so sturdy. 

Go To Style

I like to dress casual when I'm not working - jeans, polo t-shirt (or v-neck shirt) and a nice pull-over jacket. I also like wearing monochromatic colors (hey, all you need is one color). I love how the VENQUE line works for this "dressed-down" look but can also look great for more formal outings.  

Most Exotic Place Traveled With The Arctic Fold

New Zealand. Africa. Spain. Jeju Islands in South Korea.


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