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From studying architecture to working with some of the biggest luxury brands in the world, Alen Palander, with a stroke of luck and persistence—has become one of the largest social media influencer brands in the world.

Considered one of the early adopters to the social media revolution, Alen has traveled extensively photographing majestic landmarks and jaw-dropping views.

Creating inspiration through travel.

This seems to be the motto these days for traveler and entrepreneur David McCausleand who continues to inspire thousands of travelers to share their stories online.

With a curiosity destined for exploring it only made sense that David follow his passion and turn it into a flourishing community of adventure.

Adventure photographer Anthony Burden has photographed some of the greatest landscapes around the world. His camera, an extension of who he has become, acts as a bridge that welcomes dialogue and in rewarding situations, friendships with locals and other travelers.

Mixing in serious travel adventures with community work has swept Canadian traveler Josh Henry to nearly 70 countries across the globe.

In today's Venque Traveler we caught up with Josh who currently resides in Bangkok Thailand, here's what he had to say about living his traveling dream.

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