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The Story Begins

Venque was created by two Canadian fashion industry veterans, brothers, Viktor and Simon. They left a top fashion design house in 2011 to craft the perfect backpack designed for urban trendsetters and commuters.
The increasing demand of their single-item prototype quickly turned into a full collection of luxury, travel, tech and work accessories inspired by the English and French Culture of Canada.
Shaped by tradition, technology, and culture, Venque is committed to professional artisan quality, detail and durability.
Our passion for sustainability in synergy with our culture created what Venque is today.


We have set out to manufacture the highest-quality, handcrafted leather goods available.
The Venque brand only works with leather providers that pass our rigorous selection process. Our partnerships with the best fabric and bag manufacturers, allow us to deliver an unparalleled carrying experience.
It is our mission to find that blend of sustainability and quality that all our customers love.


Everything you see at our stores is handmade by real people. Artisans who have spent their professional lives learning the art of making beautiful and functional leather products.

Our commitment to Venque: every product is made with the utmost attention to detail and respect with sustainability, modernism, minimalism and function in mind.

All of our manufacturing is conducted with the highest ethical and environmental standards in North America and Asia.


A majority of the companies in textile production use plastic which is destroying our environment.

We chose to develop our own materials and use natural fibers to achieve the highest sustainability standards possible. We cherish the environment and we believe all businesses have an ethical duty to the beautiful planet we call home.

Using organically grown fibers and PFC-free water repellent coatings, allows us to avoid harmful substances and create healthy products. Almost 100% of the fibers used in our products are natural and renewable.

We use: Rayon, Cotton, or Nylon for belts and straps. The metal parts are made of aluminum or steel.

We believe an important aspect of sustainability is durability. Natural materials tend to have irregularities, which we embrace as a quality that adds individual character to each unique bag.

Toronto, Canada

Designed in Canada

In our workshop we test new ideas and unique designs in the early stages of development. Our workshop allow us to refine the product and deliver a greater end user experience.

Original Fabrics

We Create Our Own

We are proud to bring our innovative Fabrics to the market. We exclusively invented and designed Quanta, Hyperlight, Carbonx, Spin Nylon Fabrics

We wanted to create a fabric material that delivers on durability and performance, that is water and dust repellent, anti-scratch, high-density, and stain resistant.


The materials and workmanship of Venque products has been tested to hold up to years of daily use.

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