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CamPro Black

Introducing the Campro, our first line of camera bag designed specifically for photographers and weekend adventurers. As an urban-inspired backpack, the Campro is perfectly designed for those who demand more in style; convertible and functional, it's the ultimate backpack to carry all your gear in one place.


  • Three Ways Of Carrying 
  • Fully Equipped / Half Equipped
  • Full Daily Backpack
  • 15.7"L X 7"W X 12.1"H

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Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews

CamPro Black

George Geng

Super protective and functional

Ovidio D.
Great bag!

Thank you. I will buy more great bags from you in the future.

Maude A.
Excellent bag

This bag is well organized and the size is just perfect for my back.

Kelsee T.
would change a couple things, but still love it!

My friend was RAVING about her new venque camera bag, so I was pretty convinced before I purchased it that I would love it, and I do!

-Using both the top and main compartment, I am storing 2 Canon, Full Frame DSLR bodies, 3 prime lenses, 1 Canon 35mm Film body, two Canon 580exII flashes, and a Contax 645 with 80mm Lens. On top of that, I have batteries, chargers, memory cards, and misc. things in the smaller pockets. That is a heck of a lot of gear in one backpack, and for that, I'm super impressed.

-The bag seems really well made. The padding is quality in all of the compartments, so I feel like my gear is safe. Zippers work well, craftsmanship overall is great.

-I don't love the snaps. They're a little hard to get secured when you have items in the pockets. (I do like that they're magnetic, though.)

-Also, I do like that it has a chest and waist strap, but I don't like the metal tighteners on the chest strap. (These same metal tighteners are on the tripod holders as well.) It's not very practical, takes too long to get on and off, and the metal pieces all over the bag make it a bit noisy. I also wish that the waist strap was padded around the sides.

-The back and shoulder straps are padded pretty well, but I could use a little more padding there when carrying so much gear, because it just gets so heavy.

-I wish there were more small, organizational pockets. For a normal backpack, I think it has plenty of pockets. But for a camera bag, it would be easier to keep things organized with more pockets. (I love that it has its own pocket for the rain cover, though, and a laptop!)

Overall, I think this bag is beautiful. I'm so impressed with the size and quality, especially for the price. Most beautiful camera bags are unjustifiably expensive. Even though I feel like improvements could be made, I definitely don't regret my purchase, and will recommend this bag to others!

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