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#VenqueStories: Meet DJ Hargrave


Name: DJ Hargrave

Details: Male, Menswear Influencer, Founder of Taylor Made Style

The Details

I'm from Winston-Salem, North Carolina but I am a student at High Point University (High Point, NC). My hometown is a place with great roots to the arts, theater, fashion and all things creative. I believe its a part of what sparked me to become a creative. 
I'm a full-time student, but I'm a menswear influencer and founder of Tailor Made Style, which I started around spring 2015. Its my passion project and I'm fortunate enough to slowly but surely be turning it into a business!

On Your First VENQUE Experience

I have the Classic Grey BE. Its been my every day backpack since my first day of college. 

How Does The Classic Work For You

I get so many compliments that it definitely won't be long until I get my next one (hopefully in black). I use it every day going to and from class, or when I go to a coffee shop to get some work done. I also use it as my carry on when I fly as its the perfect size for my laptop (hello secret laptop pockets). 

Go To Style

My go-to style is as minimal as possible when I'm wearing this bag. The design speaks for itself and it screams quality. For example, this winter you'll find me in a topcoat or parka, with dark denim and clean chelsea boots with a bag like my VENQUE piece.

To see more pictures of DJ sporting the Classic, follow him @tailormadedj and learn more about his company at Tailor Made Style.

To be featured on #VenqueStories, follow us on @venquecraft, tag a friend (or 2), and take a picture with you sporting the VENQUE bag. New features will be made every month. 


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